About Us

MegaTrendz is a leading global organization focusing on solution via Custom Application Development, Product Engineering, Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence and Analytics along with Quality and Testing Services. Our focus is on developing intellectual property for our clients, while working for quick turnaround development and build scalable and robust solutions for our Global clients.

  • Megatrendz was established in New Delhi, India in 2003 as a IVRS & CTI product & related services provider with its partner Bay Talkitec and quickly grew to have a major installation base in the Indian Telecom & Infrastructure domains.
  • Megatrendz established its mobile app & game development studio in Trivandrum & Bangalore, India in 2003 partnering with major Telcos & International Content Aggregators by providing with original & customized content worldwide.
  • Megatrendz established its IT Consulting & Staffing services division in New Jersey, USA in 2012 and has quickly grown to provide niche skillsets for its prestigious clients including major Fortune 500 companies & VC backed start-ups.
  • Megatrendz established its Animation & VFX in 2016 in Hyderabad, India and is currently partnered to provide services for 2 major animated TV shows which is scheduled to air on TV channels across USA, Europe & Asia Pacific and VOD services like Netflix.


We continuously strive to innovate for our clients leveraging our experience across domains and technologies with unwavering focus on excellence.

We build long term relationships with our customers and work towards long term shared goals.


Empowering Humanity


To bring People’s Possibilities to Reality by Engineering Awesomeness

Organization values

  • Integrity: We say what we do and we do what we say
  • Reliability: We are countonable and dependable
  • Responsibility: We are accountable and answerable
  • Excellence: We do the best