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MindIT Systems offers web and mobile enterprise solutions to empower, develop and transform your company, with a guaranteed excellent experience and smooth business transformation. Our enterprise solutions are extremely scalable and flexible, helping clients to remain competitive by reacting quickly to market changes.

Deploy hyper-tailored apps for your company DNA & business objectives.

Versatile eco-systems: mobile, internet, intranet and personal networks.

Accelerate ' Time-To-Value' by quickly, readily and safely enabling alternatives.

Make use of profound knowledge with specialisation in processes and tools.

Maintain agility to alter.

Standardization to allow scaling manifold

Maintain critical company procedures.

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    Our Enterprise IT Solutions

    Mind It Systems offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of enterprise IT solutions:




    Information Management

    Custom Applications

    HR & workforce mgmt


    Systems integration


    Devops & cloud

    SharePoint Workflows

    Business Intelligence dashboards

    5 Ways how Enterprise IT Solutions can uplift your Business

    Here’s how enterprise IT solutions can benefit the companies that successfully implement them:

    Store Business Data in a Usable Format

    One of the most significant elements of enhancing customer experience is to store information in a manner that can be analyzed readily. As the saying goes ``What is measured is managed``, the capacity of a company to rapidly retrieve this form of data to answer questions from clients can go a long way towards enhancing customer satisfaction. The same applies to corporate data too.

    Automate the Customer Service Process

    Companies seeking to streamline their customer service experience can greatly profit from using an Enterprise solution. This can enable companies to automate their customer service process, guaranteeing that each worker provides a coherent experience for clients and also ensures that back-office tasks are streamlined. Automation saves time, which can then be used to react to client demands for product data and for forecasting.

    Real-Time Access to Information

    Access to real-time information about the activities of a business is a strong characteristic of business IT systems. A high level of data access enables management to evaluate and enhance the company procedures much more effectively than waiting for months for actionable information to be available.

    Improve Supply Chain Management

    Enterprise systems can help streamline supply chain management by using the information on where, when, and how clients order and deliver products to a big extent. This again emphasizes the significance of using a usable format to store company information. Ultimately, the capacity to streamline the supply chain implies that products are supplied more reliably to clients at a reduced price than otherwise would be feasible.

    Standardized Process, Reliability & Streamline

    It is essential to provide a continuously favorable customer experience. One of the advantages offered by extensive and real-time data storage in combination with the use of enterprise solutions is the capacity to guarantee a considerably higher level of standardization of customer experience than maybe achievable otherwise. Our IT solutions help streamline particular IT operations, enhance the productivity of employees and even minimize expenses. Their enhanced reliability compared to small-scale IT solutions is another advantage of a business system.

    Our Enterprise IT Solution experts can assist you to Transform your company by Optimizing your business procedures to Improve operational Efficiency
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    Benefits of using Mind IT Systems as your Enterprise IT Solution provider

    Companies must maximize present technologies in order to stay competitive. Maintaining a committed, full-time IT department is merely too costly, time-consuming and inefficient for SMEs. Working with a Professional Enterprise IT Solution Provider solves the response to this problem.

    Gain Time to Focus on Core Business Functions

    When you concentrate on your core competencies, everyone is at their best and they are usually happiest to do what they do best. Tasks that are not directly connected to their daily vital work functions distract them. By using a skilled supplier of IT solutions, your employees will be free to spend time concentrating on possibilities to generate income and company.

    Realize a Technology Edge over Competitors

    At Mind IT, the team is up to date with the recent information technology and understands how to achieve it, and which techniques are not worth the investment. Our capability to move quickly provides a competitive advantage enhances the capacity to respond to competitive threats.

    Obtain On-Demand Resources

    Many tiny companies are facing growth difficulties or the burden of scaling up. When relying on in-house IT resources, both instances pose a real human resources dilemma, particularly when these events are unplanned. With us as your company’s solution partner, this flexibility comes with ease and without the organization or staff being affected.

    Reduce Downtime

    Even a few minutes of downtime in the systems carry huge company expenses and hence its be a high priority to maximize uptime. Professional suppliers of Enterprise IT solutions offer scheduled, measured solutions to proactively take care of system maintenance, safety, backup and restoration of disasters eliminating expensive downtime.

    Modernizing Legacy Applications

    We understand that apps tend to get outdated and need to be overhauled over time. Our Legacy Application Modernization service helps organizations to thoroughly evaluate current software units and apps while enhancing them according to the recent technology and client needs.

    Software Integration

    Using all accessible apps to coordinate on-site resources with some of the more advanced’ Software as a Service ‘ alternatives is often difficult for an organization. Our Software Integration Solutions are intended to achieve perfection in the form of reliable APIs, data integration services, micro-services, application development solutions, and even solutions for enterprise application integration.

    Access Highly Specialized Talent

    Our resources enable companies to utilise specific knowledge that would otherwise be too costly to create and retain at home. Even a highly qualified and devoted IT worker has restrictions on their abilities and opportunities to assist with problems beyond their reach. Professional IT solution suppliers such as Mind IT give access to IT specialist teams that provide cross-sectional IT knowledge required to provide both continuing and critical assistance for small and medium-sized business networks.

    Benefits of Customized Enterprise IT Solutions

    The advantages presented by customized Enterprise IT Solutions, like ERP, are:

    Business process optimization & standardization.

    Access to credible data accurately and promptly.

    Ability to share data across all of the organization's parts.

    Elimination of unnecessary information and activities.

    Reduced litigation time and cost.

    No duplicate documents are preserved, i.e. no redundancy.

    Reduced reaction time increases service to the client.

    Organization has a single, unified, enhanced scheme of assessment and reporting for each phase.

    Enables team members to concentrate on duties that affect revenue.

    Robust, reliable and secure systems.

    Improves effectiveness and productivity.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Enterprise IT Solutions?

    Enterprise IT Solutions are a compilation of computer programs with popular company apps, tools for modeling how the entire organisation operates, and instruments for developing organization-specific apps. The purpose of such a solution is to address business-wide issues rather than a departmental issue. Software at the enterprise stage seeks to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the enterprise by offering features to support business logic.

    While there is no single, commonly accepted list of business software features; efficiency, scalability, and robustness are usually included.

    What are Enterprise Systems?

    Enterprise Systems (ES) are large-scale enterprise applications (software) implemented in organizations that support business processes, information flows, reporting, etc.. They can be customized as per the requirements of the organization, creating tailor made systems.


    Types Of Enterprise Software

    Enterprise software can be categorized by business function as shown below:

    Business intelligence

    Business process management

    Customer relationship management (CRM)

    Data Warehousing

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    Enterprise asset management (EAM)

    Knowledge Management (KM)

    Supply chain management (SCM)

    Product data management (PDM)

    Product life-cycle management (PLM)

    Networking and Information Security