Product Engineering

In past few years, product engineering space has transformed due to advent of technologies like mobile, cloud, social and SaaS. Gone are the days when product development used to happen in pure waterfall approach, with years going in into getting first version out. In a super competitive world, ability to ship faster can be a game changer. Products increasingly need to be available round the clock, with scalability being required at any point of time and this is the reason for most of product development being cloud driven nowadays.


Challenges like constant innovation, technology landscape evolution, dynamic customer behaviour and ever changing requirements mean that product companies need to have partners who can go beyond providing usual incremental plugging. Rather, it becomes critical to have strategic software services partner who can align with long term vision while bringing innovation into the whole process right from ideation, prototyping, feature wise product development, product re-engineering, sustenance, quality and maintainability.


Mind IT provides opportunity to leverage distributed global engineering team for accelerated innovation while reducing time to market. Working on Agile, our Centre of Excellence for Product Engineering can provide reduced Total Cost of Ownership as well as rapid product development due to best practice processes and strict quality standards. Testing on infrastructure which replicates product live environment helps in mitigating production risks.


Our Services Include:

Mobile enablement of Products

Cloud product testing

Legacy product migrations to SaaS

Integration services to the cloud

Cloud advisory services

Analytics and Big Data

SaaS product development on different technology stacks

Software product testing service